Student Financial Aid

Student Financial Aid Committee consists of the Director of Financial Aid, two representatives from the Student Affairs staff, three representatives from the Admissions Office, five undergraduate faculty members appointed by the President, and two students appointed by the President upon nomination of the Student Body Executive Committee who participate in policy discussions only. The Committee considers applications and establishes policy for awarding financial assistance to undergraduate students with demonstrated need.

James Kaster, Chair

Ex Officio Members:
Sidney Evans, VP for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
Marcia France, Associate Dean of The College
James Kaster, Director of Financial Aid
Tamara Futrell, Associate Dean of Students
William Hartog, Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid
Erin Hutchinson, Senior Associate Director of Admissions
David Leonard, Dean of Student Life
Steven McAllister, VP for Finance and Administration/University Treasurer
Jonathan Webster, Associate Dean of Admissions

Five Appointed Faculty Members - One annually for 5-year term:
William King - 2009-2014
Timothy Diette - 2010-2015
Joel Kuehner - 2013-2014 (replacing Afshad Irani - 2011-2016)
George Kester - 2012-2017
Hank Dobin - 2013-2018

Two students nominated by the Student EC, appointed by the President, for policy discussions only:
Robert Jones '14U - 2013-2014
Tyler Wenger '17U - 2013-2014