Institutional Animal Care and Use

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) is composed of five undergraduate faculty members, two non-institutional members, including a veterinarian, and one W&L community representative. All members are appointed by the Provost. The committee is charged to create and monitor protocols for all research and instructional use of vertebrate animal species. These protocols should comply with relevant federal and state regulations; public concerns about the humane treatment of animals; veterinary expertise in laboratory animal care; accepted standards of appropriate facilities; and protection against unsubstantiated allegations against investigators.

Robert Stewart, Chair

Four Appointed Faculty Members - One annually for 4-year term:
Jonathan Erickson - 2011-2015
Nathaniel Goldberg - 2011-2015
Robert Stewart - 2012-2016
Nadia Ayoub - 2013-2017

One Member from University Community - 3-year term:
Beverly Bowring - 2011-2014

One Member from Community - 3-year term:
Wade Bell - 2011-2014

One Veterinarian - 3-year term:
Phillip Bailey, DVM - 2011-2014