Information Technology Advisory

Information Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC) is composed of faculty, administrative, and student members appointed by the Provost. The Chief Technology Officer is an ex-officio member. The Committee advises the Provost on matters regarding information technology for the academic program of the University and its administration.

Robert Ballenger, Chair

Ex Officio Members:
David Saacke, Chief Technology Officer

Seven Appointed Faculty - One annually for 7-year term:
? - 2014-2015 (replacing Timothy Diette)
Robert Ballenger - 2009-2016
Hongchu Fu - 2009-2016
Mary Abdoney - 2009-2016
Joshua Stough - 2010-2017
Christopher Seaman (LS) - 2013-2019
Natalia Toporikova - 2013-2020

Administrative Representatives:
Scott Dittman, University Registrar - 2009-2016
Natalie Garvis, Associate Controller - 2009-2016

Two Student representatives:
Christopher Curfman '17U - 2014-2015
Emily Limmer '18U - 2014-2015