Graduate Fellowships

Graduate Fellowships Committee is composed of nine undergraduate faculty members appointed by the President, the Dean of Student Affairs, and the Associate Dean of The College. It disseminates information on fellowship opportunities and selects nominees for Fulbright, Luce and other scholarship programs.

Marcia France, Chair

Ex Officio Members:
Marcia France, Associate Dean of The College
Sidney Evans, VP for Student Affairs and Dean of Students

Nine Appointed Faculty Members - Four-year terms:
Michael Smitka - 2013-2014 (replacing Craig McCaughrin - 2010-2014)
Kevin Crotty - 2010-2014
Martin Davies - 2011-2015
Rebecca Harris - 2012-2016
Janet Ikeda - 2012-2016
David Sukow - 2012-2016
Rebecca Benefiel - 2013-2017
Holly Pickett - 2013-2017
Paul Youngman - 2013-2017