Glasgow Endowment

Glasgow Endowment Committee is composed of five undergraduate faculty members from the humanities, appointed by the President, chiefly from the language arts departments, and the Associate Deans of The College, along with two student appointees. It controls the funds of the Glasgow Endowment, a bequest by Arthur Graham Glasgow "to promote the art of expression by pen and tongue, including voice production and delivery." It plans and produces public programs involving language artists/poets, dramatists, and fiction writers, as well as others whose work can be characterized as "artful expression."

Deborah Miranda, Chair

Ex Officio Members:
Marcia France, Associate Dean of The College
Daniel Wubah, Provost

Five Appointed Faculty Members:
Mónica Botta - 2011-2016
Lesley Wheeler - 2011-2016
Timothy Lubin - 2013-2017 (replacing Kathryn Chenoweth)
Chris Gavaler- 2014-2017 (replacing Jasmin Darznik)
Deborah Miranda - 2013-2018

Two Students:
Cynthia Lam '15U - 2014-2015
Anne Persons '15U - 2014-2015