Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits Committee (EBC) is composed of four university faculty members, one retired faculty member, and one or more staff members (all appointed by the President), the University Treasurer, and the Provost. It periodically reviews programs relating to employee benefits and acts in an advisory capacity to the President. (See also, Investment Committee.)

Christopher Connors, Chair

Ex Officio Members:
Amy Barnes, Executive Director of Human Resources
Steven McAllister, Treasurer and VP for Finance
Daniel Wubah, Provost

Four Appointed Faculty Members, including one from the Law School and one from the Williams School, and One Appointed Retiree Faculty Member - 2 biennially for 4-year terms:
Roger Dean - 2010-2014
John Gunn (retiree) - 2010-2014
Nathan Feldman - 2010-2014
Christa Bowden - 2012-2016
Sarah (Sally) Wiant (LS) - 2013-2017
Christopher Connors - 2013-2017

Staff members - four-year term:
David Leonard - 2011-2015
Frederick (Rick) McKemy - 2012-2015 (replacing Christine Burkett - 2011-2015)
Catherine (Carrie) Berry - 2012-2016