Ethics Bowl

This year, W&L took home the champion trophy from the 2015 Ethics Bowl! The competition was held at Marymont University on February 8 - 9 with 15 highly qualified Virginian Colleges and Universities in attendance. The theme was "Ethics and the Family."

This year's team comprised of Teddy Corcoran '16, Cynthia Lam '15, Connor Perkins '15, and Austin Peterson '16. The team was coached by Professor James Mahon.


"The Ethics Bowl program was conceptualized in 1997 by the VFIC Ethics Task Force, co-chaired by Roger Mudd, History Channel - Journalist (retired) and VFIC trustee, and Phillip Stone, President of Bridgewater College (1994-2010). The mission of the task force was to explore opportunities to involve students at the 15 VFIC colleges in the lively debate and consideration of applied ethics-real world dilemmas that affect people's lives in increasingly complex ways." (Historical Statement from VFIC Website)