The Math Center Located in Robinson 105

Hours:  Sunday - Thursday from 8pm - 10pm

Who can get help?  Math 101 and Math 102 students.

The Math Center is a place for students taking Math 101 or 102 to come and get help on their homework.  "The Math Center is staffed by some of our best upper class math majors who can really help these students," said Greg Dresden, Professor of Mathematics. "But they won't just present the student with the solution to a math problem. They'll have students work out the problem on their own and guide them toward finding the right answer. It's not about showing them a clever solution but showing them how they can get to that clever solution."

"So our message to anyone struggling with math is, as soon as you realize you're having difficulty, come and get help. Of course you can always see your professor during office hours, but faculty aren't usually around in the evening. So just turn up at the Math Center. No appointment necessary. Just drop in. Stay for a few minutes or the full two hours, whatever you need."