Weight Watchers

Washington and Lee University encourages employees to make healthy lifestyle choices and offers a variety of wellness programs for employees and their dependents. Weight Watchers uses an integrated approach to weight loss that emphasizes good eating choices, healthy habits, a supportive environment and exercise. The program is built on four basic principles:

  • weight loss should be healthy;
  • the program should fit into your life;
  • the choices you make should be informed; and
  • the Weight Watchers program must be holistic, taking into account your behavior and environment as well as your food and exercise choices.

University Subsidy:

W&L will subsidize 50% of the cost of Weight Watchers at Work for employees and their spouse/partner. The University will also subsidize 50% of online membership. For online membership, employees must pay the full cost to Weight Watchers and complete a reimbursement form to receive the subsidy.

Here's how to get started:

  1. Email Anne Remington (aremington@wlu.edu, x8355) for instructions, including company ID and passcode, to begin Weight Watchers membership.
  2. Complete the Payment Agreement Form to notify HR of your participation.
  3. Contact the Business Office (x8730) to make payment arrangements. Payment will be billed to your employee account through the General Payments System (GPS) unless you request payroll deduction.

Student, Spouses/Partner and Dependent Eligibility:

Students, spouses/partners and dependents are encouraged to participate. Only employees and  spouses/partners are eligible for the University subsidy. Payment method can be arranged through the employee.

Employee Payments:

The University pays Weight Watchers (in full) and the University Business Office will bill the employee directly for his/her portion. Employees can contact the Business Office to choose a payment method. Employees can make payments online via General's Payment System, mail a check, pay cash at Business Office or sign up for payroll deduction. Employees must cancel membership, and notify Human Resources, when participation in the Weight Watchers program ends. Weight Watchers does not prorate the monthly dues. Therefore, you may be responsible for payment of your portion of membership dues following cancellation. You may also be responsible for payment due to failure to notify Human Resources of cancellation in a timely manner.


Employees who make their weight goal should cancel their monthly pass account with Weight Watchers, and notify Human Resources. Members who continue to maintain their weight goal (or do not exceed more than two pounds over goal) will continue to have access to the Weight Watchers e-tools.

Flex Accounts:

Employees are encouraged to use flexible spending account dollars for their portion of the WW cost as a cost savings for themselves. To take advantage of this benefit, employees must be enrolled in the FSA and obtain a note from their doctor prescribing weight loss or Weight Watchers specifically.

For more information, visit www.weightwatchers.com.

Weight Watchers Online

If you'd rather do WW online, contact Human Resources for the 50% subsidy and don't miss this discount from Anthem!


"Weight Watchers has been such a wonderful program. My blood pressure has dropped and my energy has increased. I have learned healthier eating habits that will remain with me. Everyone in the program is so supportive of each other that it is no wonder that we have lost weight!" -WW Member

"...with the help of WW, I lost 10 lbs and by improving my diet reduced my risk of developing heart disease to below average. I probably would not have done this if W&L hadn't made the class so accessible." -WW Member

"I should say that I have been very blessed by the WW program. I honestly never thought I would be able to lose weight again. I have been able to stop taking blood pressure medicine and enjoy feeling better than I have in 17 years." -WW Member