Evolve Wellness Program

There are many options to choose from in order to earn your minimum point goal of 3250. Descriptions of each activity, challenge and program will be listed on the My Programs page of the Evolve Wellness website.

 Helpful hints to ensure your success:

  • Begin early! Don't wait until the last few months of the year to earn points.
  • Log on frequently to view your progress and to check the homepage for updates.
  • Get your biometric screening done by October, if possible.
  • Take the Health Survey as soon as your biometric data is loaded in order maximize your point options.
  • Consider the Health Coaching Program if you would like to focus on a specific wellness goal.
  • Pay attention to deadlines for programs and challenges. Check these locations for up-to-date information: Faculty/Staff Dashboard, HR Newsletter, Campus Notices, Live Well website, and the Evolve Wellness website. 



Wellness Updates

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Warm Weather Wellness

Now that spring is here, take advantage of the mild weather to get outside and exercise! On her blog, Serenity In The Garden, Jan Johnsen shares that happiness is maximized when we are outside, in 57...

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Breathing Room Registration Ending Soon!

Registration for this challenge closes this Friday, April 17th! Join the Breathing Room stress reduction program to learn new techniques to relax, have fun and manage your stress in healthy ways....

Monday, March 23, 2015

Breathing Room Program: Week One

The Breathing Room Program starts today! Don’t forget to register for this wellness program by this Friday, the 27th. The program runs until April 17th and focuses on reducing stress. You can...