Annual Salary Increase Guidelines 2014-15

We are extremely pleased to be able to provide salary increases to employees, allowing us to make progress on addressing differences between our salaries and those of our peers. The University wide salary pool was set at 2.5% for 2014-15. We will be mailing salary notification letters in early June and new salaries will be effective July 1, 2014.

The Staff Salary pool is set at 2.5% for 2014-15 with an additional .5% reserved for providing market adjustments. Pay increase decisions are based on two factors: an employee's performance in 2013 and where their current pay falls within market reference range. Staff salary pool increases will be determined using Salary Increase Guidelines designed to reward performance and to begin to move employee pay to the appropriate position within the market reference range.

The Guidelines use an employee's overall performance score (a combination of the ratings on goals and competencies) and position within market reference range, to suggest an appropriate range of salary pool increase possibilities. As you can see from the guidelines below, someone considered to have successful performance with a score between 1.8 and 2.24 may be eligible to receive more or less than the 2.5% pool depending on whether their pay falls in the "Entry Zone," "Mid Zone," "Premium Zone" or "Above Max" for their position's market reference range. The Matrix is designed to speed up salary growth for employees with performance scores at or above 1.8 but whose salary/rate is lower than the expected position within market reference range. Likewise, the Matrix will keep steady or slow down salary growth for employees whose salary is already at or above the appropriate position within the range based on performance.

2014-15 Salary Increase Guidelines

Score is a product of competency and goals ratings. Lowest overall performance score is 1.0, Highest overall performance score is 3.0

Performance Score: *Shortened Review Period (1.0-1.39) (1.4-1.79) (1.8-2.24) (2.25-2.59) (2.6-3.0)
Market Entry Zone - 0-33% .5-1.5% 0% .5-1.25% 2.7-3.2% 3.2-3.6% 3.6-4.2%
Market Mid Zone - 33.1-66% .25-1.25% 0% 0-1.0% 2.25-2.75% 2.75-3.15% 3.15-3.75%
Market Premium Zone - 66.1-100% 0-1.0% 0% 0-.75% 1.7-2.2% 2.2-2.6% 2.6-3.2%
Above Max - 100.1%+ 0-.75% 0% 0% .9-1.3% 1.3-1.7% 1.7-2.1%

*Individuals on extended leave without a performance review and individuals hired after August 1 have a shortened review period for 2011 performance. Thus, the salary pool increase range for this group of employees has been designed to fall slightly below the salary pool due to reduced tenure in position.

Managers have the flexibility to determine an appropriate salary increase within the provided range as long as the departmental salary budget remains within established budget parameters.

The .5% reserved for market adjustments will be distributed using a priority order approved by the President's Council in 2010. All employees with performance above 1.8 will automatically be brought to the minimum of their market reference range if their current pay falls below the new range minimum. Ranges were moved 2.1% this year in response to overall market movement. The remainder of the pool is distributed based upon both length of service/time in position and performance. It is expected that multiple years of market adjustments will be necessary to bring all employees to the appropriate location within their market reference range based upon their personal performance and experience at the University. Employees receiving market adjustments are also eligible for salary pool increases as outlined in the matrix above.