Washington and Lee Univeristy Give Day

Thanks to the generosity of 4,300+ donors, we raised more than $1.4 million on Give Day, including $650,000 in matching gifts.
Final counts are still being tallied. We will update you on the ultimate totals when they become available.

What Happened?

The Challenge

We did it. Or, rather, YOU did it!

You met the initial goal of 500 donors and then met FOUR more challenges that unfolded during the course of Give Day.

During this 24-hour giving challenge, more than 4,300 of you made gifts to W&L! And, as a result of your record-breaking participation, you secured $650,000 in matching gifts offered to W&L and more than $1.4 million in total.

We are blown away by your phenomenal response. Thank you for reaffirming the strength of the W&L community.

And special thanks to the Give Day challenge donors:

  • President and Mrs. Ruscio,
  • Mike and Margaret Kerr P'12,
  • Doug Fuge '77, P'07, '09,
  • Chip Nunley '81,
  • William Toles '92 '95L,
  • Charlie Yates '06, '10L and Lane Morgan Yates '07,
  • and several anonymous donors.

On August 5 …


The Goal3750
Total Gifts4300
Success-o-Meter 114%

Updated: 5:00 PM

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Then see how your fellow alumni and the W&L community at large particpated in #WLUgiveday.


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