Information for W&L Campus Security Authorities

W&L has an obligation under the Campus Security Act to report annually to current and prospective students and employees statistics on specified crimes occurring on campus and on certain non-campus property. The Act requires that institutions collect statistical information from three groups of "campus security authorities" (CSAs) individuals in preparing this annual report: (1) its campus law enforcement officials; (2) other officials on campus who have been identified as those to whom reports of crimes should be made; and (3) other individuals who have significant responsibility for student and campus activities, including but not limited to, student housing, student discipline, and campus judicial proceedings. The intent of including non-law enforcement personnel as CSAs is to acknowledge that many individuals, students in particular, are hesitant to report crimes to Public Safety officers, but might be more inclined to report to other campus affiliated individuals. Crimes may also be reported anonymously by using Silent Witness, at

W&L regularly reviews its Campus Security Act (also known as Clery Act) procedures, including the scope of individuals it designates as "campus security authorities" by virtue of their job or volunteer roles and responsibilities with campus programs. Based on our most recent review in the fall of 2011, W&L has clarified the positions considered to be campus security authorities and has provided a listing of those position categories in the Campus Security Report .

What does this mean for me if my position is listed as a campus security authority?

It means that you need to report to Public Safety if any of the specific criminal offenses covered by the Act are reported to you, though you do not need to provide names or any personally-identifiable information, merely nature of the reported offense, date/time, category of location, and sufficient information to identify duplicate reporting. You do not need to have or gather evidence about whether the reported offense actually occurred, merely to report that it was reported to you. Note: Beyond your obligation as a CSA to report statistical information on these specific offenses, please be mindful of your independent responsibility under university policy to notify appropriate campus officials if you have personal knowledge of a crime at W&L.

Note that under the Violence Against Women Act, there have been three new offenses added to those that CSAs need to report: domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking. Also, gender identity has been added to the categories of prejudice/bias required to be reported if involved with a hate crime. The reporting template and crime definitions have been updated with this information.

If you have any questions about your reporting responsibilities, contact Ethan Kipnes ( or Steve Tomlinson (