Energy Education

It all boils down to one simple, common sense principle: if it is not in use it should be off.

From collaborating on optimizing operations with staff at the University's Central Power Plant to partnering with students for great energy management in the Residence Halls, the Washington and Lee Energy Education Program works with all members of the campus community to eliminate energy waste.

Low-Wattage Wisdom

Energy Conservation Grants Available to W&L Departments

As part of the Energy Education program’s Year OFF, University departments are invited to submit proposals for funding to support projects that will reduce energy waste within the department’s area of operation. If you have ever looked around at the daily use of electricity, heat, water or gasoline in your department and thought “there’s a better way to do this” – then this is the opportunity for you!

Trying to Save Energy? Feeling Exhausted?

Exhaust fans are designed to suck all the air out of a space to get rid of anything you might not want to breathe in (smoke, odors etc.) as thoroughly as possible. When you need them, you need them. When you don’t – get them off!

Slow Motion Sensors

Motion sensor lights seem like a great way to save energy. And they can be. But they can also create a lot of waste. Surprised? Read on...

The Friendly Closed Door

Keeping doors closed between conditioned and non-conditioned spaces is good for the environment, the budget, and your comfort. Download a friendly closed door sign here.