Emergency Guidelines

Information for Students, Faculty and Staff:

W&L will use broadcast e-mail and voice mail messaging along with the University web site to alert students, faculty, and staff about weather closings and delays or about emergencies on campus or in the nearby locality.

W&L will also use General Alerts text messaging to alert students, faculty and staff to major emergencies on campus.

Major Storms and Power Outages: In the event of a major storm or prolonged power outage, students should prepare and respond in the following manner:

  • Students should try to have flashlights and batteries ready as well as bottled water. Candles should not be used as a method of temporary light.
  • Make sure your cell phone is charged so that you can receive text messages or e-mail messages from the University providing you with instructions.
  • If available, tune into the local radio and/or TV stations listed on this site for information about the storm or even.
  • If a prolonged power outage occurs, students should gather in the Elrod University Commons in the Marketplace. The Elrod University Commons has an uninterruptible emergency power supply.

Active Shooter Plan: If a person on campus is actively causing physical harm to people or there is an imminent threat of harm, the University recommends the following procedures:

  • Lock yourself in your residence hall room, classroom, or office.
  • Do not remain in open hallways, atria, or outdoor/indoor courtyards and plazas.
  • Barricade your office, classroom, or residence hall room with furniture and other items to prevent the shooter from entering the room.
  • Lock the windows and close the blinds to your room.
  • If possible, call 911 to report the incident and contact W&L’s Public Safety Office at 458-8427 or Dispatch at 458-8999.
  • Do not sound the fire alarm since this would cause occupants to evacuate the building.
  • Expect a text-message or e-mail from the University providing you with information about the incident and instructions on what to do.

Information for Parents:

In the unlikely event of a campus-wide emergency, call 540-458-8999 for information.

If you have questions about emergency management at Washington and Lee University, call the Office of Student Affairs at 540-458-8754 or contact Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students Sidney Evans at sevans@wlu.edu.  During an actual emergency, check the University website or call Public Safety at (540) 458-8999 for updates and information.

General Alerts