Resources for Teachers

The Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures of Washington and Lee University established a Copyright-Free Audio-Visual Resource Center in 1998 for teachers of Japanese. This project was made possible with the support of Washington and Lee University, The Associated Colleges of the South and Middlebury College's Project 2001.

The Resource Center consists of digitized videos and still pictures that can be used by teachers of Japanese. Digitized images are for class use and for developing teaching materials of your own. All the images are copyright free and may be freely used by teachers. All the images are on one DVD. Videos contain images for teaching certain grammar and for katakana reading practice. There are approximately 680 still pictures of various sorts. The cost of the complete materials is $15.00, including postage.

Teaching Materials Available from the Copyright-free Resource Center

Videos for teaching grammar:

  1. Home-made movies
    1. Basic Verbs (15 minutes) 
    2. X (place) ni Y (thing/person) ga arimasu/imasu (15 minutes)
    3. Time ni X (action) o shimasu (15 minutes)
    4. Permissive Causative (10 minutes)
    5. Expression of Time (Tokoro) (10 minutes)
  2. Video clips from Tokyo Shoseki's "Video Cued Structural Drills": No. 8- No. 12 (30 minutes)
  3. Video for teaching Katakana reading (1 hour)
  4. Video for teaching Japanese culture: Video Clips from Tokyo Shoseki's "Safe and Sound in Japan" (Lessons 1 & 9) both in Japanese and English (30 minutes)
  5. Verbs for "Nakama" (20 minutes)

For further information, go to: or contact Ken Ujie (

Chinese and Japanese Films in Leyburn Library

There are a number of Chinese and Japanese films in Leyburn library on VHS and DVD. You may view them in the library or check them out to view with friends. For a particular genre of film, feel free to consult with the EALL faculty.

For list of Chinese films at Leyburn click here.

For list of Japanese films at Leyburn click here.