H. Thomas Williams Emeritus Professor of Physics

H. Thomas Williams

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Ph.D. in Physics - University of Virginia
B. S. in Physics - University of Virginia


Quantum Information Theory
Non-equilibrium Statistical Mechanic

Selected Publications

C. M. da Fonseca, D. Mazilu, I. Mazilu, H.T. Williams, “The Eigenpairs of a Sylvester–Kac Type Matrix Associated with a Simple Model for One-Dimensional Deposition and Evaporation”, Applied Mathematics Letters, Volume 26, issue 12, (2013) 1206-1211.

Stochastic epidemic-type model with enhanced connectivity: exact solution, H. T. Williams, I. Mazilu, D. A. Mazilu, Journal of Statistical Physics 2012, 01017, January 2012.

Applications of tridiagonal matrices in nonlinear statistical physics, I Mazilu, D. A. Mazilu, H. Thomas Williams, Journal of Statistical Mechanics (Electronic), 24, 7-17, 2012.

Exact analytical solutions of charged monomer and dimer deposition models in one and two dimensions, D. Mazilu, I. Mazilu, H.T. Williams, accepted for publication in Journal of Physics: conference series (2012).

Entanglement enhancement of a noisy classical communication channel, H. Thomas Williams, Paul Bourdon, arXiv:quant-ph 1109.1029, November 2011.

Augmented message-matrix approach to deterministic dense-coding theory, E. Gerjuoy, H. T. Williams, P. Bourdon, Physical Review A79, 042315 (2009).