Beverly Lorig Director of Career Services

Beverly Lorig

Career Development Center

Beverly has seen W&L's Career Development Center office evolve from one bookshelf and a bench to the University Commons penthouse it currently occupies. As Director of the Career Development Center, Beverly has both the pleasure of working directly with the motivated and energetic students of Washington and Lee, as well as having the satisfaction of compiling the wonderful team of career professionals that makes the Career Development Center such a special and unique office.

Beverly graduated from Georgia Southwestern University with a degree in psychology and began her exploration of social services. As a social worker with the Flint Area Psychoeducational Center, she served as liaison between the school system, parents and special education teachers. She soon earned her masters degree in higher education administration with practica in career counseling and judicial affairs from The University of Georgia.

Beverly officially entered the career services field as the assistant director of career development at Agnes Scott College, a women's liberal arts college in Atlanta, and became acting director the following year. Beverly moved on to Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois, and then to Yale University (in their undergraduate career services). At Yale, Beverly was assistant director for employment programs, including campus recruiting and working with top Wall Street investment banks, consulting firms, nonprofit organizations and consumer products companies. These experiences have influenced and informed Beverly's philosophies and practices - to the W&L community's great benefit.

When not on campus, Beverly enjoys cycling on flat terrain with a gentle breeze propelling her along, fly fishing in the Roaring Fork, and painting at Studio Eleven's "Art for the Untalented." If you are a dog lover, then you already have something in common with Beverly, who has a 3-year-old Cairn Terrier named Ozzie, and she is more than happy to show you pictures.