Yanhong Zhu Assistant Professor of Chinese

Yanhong Zhu

East Asian Language Center (The Red House) 3


Ph.D. University of Southern California

B.A. East China Normal University


Yanhong Zhu's primary research interests are in critical theory, modern Chinese literature, and Chinese film and culture.


CHIN 261 - Intermediate Intensive Chinese I

CHIN 262 - Intermediate Intensive Chinese II

CHIN 301 - Advanced Chinese I

CHIN 312 - Advanced Chinese: Masterworks of modern Chinese literature

LIT 220 - Modern Chinese Literature in Translation

EALL 215 - East Asian Cinema


Selected Publications

Book Chapter

Zhu, Y. H. (2012). “The Moment and Eternity: On the Modernist Elements in Eileen Chang’s Fiction.” In Zhang Ailing: Zhuanqi • Xingbie • Xipu (Eileen Chang: Legends, Gender and Geneology). pp. 59-74. Taiwan: Linking Publishing.


Zhu, Y. H. (2013). "A Past Revisited: Re-presentation of the Nanjing Massacre in City of Life and Death." Journal of Chinese Cinemas, forthcoming.

Zhu, Y. H. (2012). "グローバル化する南京大虐殺 (Globalizing Nanjing Massacre)." Ecce 映像と批評 (Visual Culture Criticism). Vol. 3, Special Issue, pp. 139-60.

Zhu, Y. H. (2012). "Audio-Visual Media and Language Learning: The Use of Video-based Material in Chinese Language Teaching”. Research on Concepts and Practice of Developing Chinese Language Teaching Materials: Proceedings of Tenth International Conference on Chinese Language Pedagogy. pp. 257-262. Hangzhou: Zhenjiang daxue chubanshe.


Review of of Twentieth-Century Chinese Women’s Poetry: An Anthology, ed. and trans. Julia C. Lin. MCLC Resource Center Publication at the Ohio State University, February 2011.

Visiting Positions

University of Southern California, Associate-in-Research of East Asian Studies Center, January - August 2013

Occidental College, Adjunct Instructor, Fall Term 2008