Meal Plans

At Washington and Lee University, we understand that each student has diverse dining needs. One day you may need a quick bite on the way to class, and the next you may have more time to relax and enjoy a meal with friends. To help ensure that these needs are met, the newly restructured meal plans will allow the maximum flexibility and value.

New for the 2015-2016 academic year, all upper-division meal plans will enjoy full retail exchange at all times within our retail outlets. All plans will also feature $225 in Meal Plan Flex - about $15 per week - to use for à la carte spending across the campus dining locations.

For your convenience all students living in on campus housing will be assigned to a plan that fits the minimum requirements.

  • First-Years will continue to be enrolled in the continuous dining plan
  • Sorority members living In House - 15 plan
  • Sorority Out members living Out of House- 5 plan
  • Upper-division students living in campus owned housing - 5 plan
  • Independent students living off campus are not automatically assigned any plan but are welcome to enroll in any plan
  • Fraternity members in each house are not defaulted to any campus dining plan, though they are welcome to select one if they wish to do so to complement their fraternity plan

Students wishing to make a change to this assignment may do so by using the online meal plan form... for example you are in a theme house and your default assignment is the 5 plan, but you spend a great deal of time on campus and feel a 10 plan will better fit your needs.

You may change your meal plan through 4:00 pm Friday September 25th, for Fall Term and 4:00 pm Friday January 22nd, for Winter/Spring Term. Charges or cancellations made after these dates will be assessed a $25 administrative fee.