Meal Plans

At Washington and Lee University, we understand that each student has diverse dining needs. One day you may need a quick bite on the way to class, and the next you may have more time to relax and enjoy a meal with friends. To help ensure that these needs are met, the newly restructured meal plans will allow the maximum flexibility and value. New for the 2015-2016 academic year, all upper-division meal plans will enjoy full retail exchange at all times within our retail outlets. All plans will also feature $225 in Meal Plan Flex — about $15 per week — to use for ala carte spending across the campus dining locations.

Meal Plan Options

Continuous Dining (Anytime Plus $225)

Unlimited meal access in the Marketplace with continuous dining in either of our dining rooms, or enjoy the adjacent outdoor patios. The meal plan comes with $225 in Meal Plan Flex Dollars for à la carte spending in our retail locations. Three guest meals per semester may be used with this plan to treat visiting family or friends. Meals may also be used in the Café 77 after the Marketplace closes until 11:00pm if you missed dinner.

  • $3007.50 per term, $6015 per year.

20-Meal Plan (20 Meals Plus $225)

Designed with the upper division on campus student and sorority member in mind, the 20 meals can be used in the Marketplace, in the Sorority House (house members only), or exchanged in any of our retail locations.

  • $2430 Fall, $2970 Winter/Spring.

15-Meal Plan (15 Meals Plus $225)

Perhaps the perfect plan for upper division student or sorority members who find themselves off campus a bit more and for whom 20 meals per week are just a few too many. Default plan for Sorority In students.

  • $1939.50 Fall, $2370.50 Winter/Spring.

10-Meal Plan (10 Meals Plus $225)

Provides a couple of meals per week and may be ideal for both on and off campus students who spend a great deal of time on main campus.

  • $1534.50 Fall, $1875.50 Winter/Spring.

5-Meal Plan (5 Meals Plus $225)

Have access to your own kitchen? Use this plan to complement that experience, and help ensure that you have full nutrition on even the busiest of days. This is the default plan for all upper division students living in on-campus housing and for sorority members living off-campus.

  • $946.80 Fall, $1157.20 Winter/Spring.

2-Meal Plan (2 Meals Plus $225)

Fraternity meal plan leaving too many gaps? This could be just what you need to cover those down times when you are on the scene but the house kitchen is closed. Also an ideal plan for off campus students who want the ability to have an occasional meal in the Marketplace or elsewhere across campus or to take advantage of Upper Division Brunch or other theme meals.

  • $396 Fall, $484 Winter/Spring.

Campus Connection Flex $100

Initial buy in of Food Flex — more convenient and secure than carrying cash!