Meal Plans

Dining Services offers a variety of meal plan options for undergraduate, law students and the entire campus community.

Newly simplified meal plan structure for 2015 - 2016

  • First-year students will continue to have the continuous dining plan, while upper-division students can select plans defined by how many meals per week (20, 15, 10 or 5) they want to enjoy. Each plan also includes $225 (about $15 per week) of Meal Plan Flex Dollars.
  • First-year students will default to the continuous dining plan; you need not do anything else to enroll.
  • Upper-Division students who live on campus will default to the 5-meal plan. Feel free to select a higher plan if you desire to do so.
  • Sorority In plan defaults to the 15 meal plan; you may select the 20 if it better fits your needs.
  • Sorority Out plan defaults to the 5 meal plan.
  • Off-campus students not in University-owned housing and fraternity members may select a 2-meal plan or purchase Campus Food Flex for use on campus.

There are no restrictions to use of meal plans by day or by time. Leverage the campus wide opportunities to eat to best support your needs each day.

Sick Meal Request Form

Not feeling well? The Sick Meal Request will allow for a designated student (flu buddy) to assemble and carry out your meals from the Marketplace and deliver to you. You may notify us of your meal request by web submission of this form or by your flu buddy presenting a completed copy of this form to the Marketplace Cashier. Sick Meal Request forms are also available in the Marketplace.

Special Dietary Needs

Washington and Lee Dining Services offer a proactive approach for students, faculty and staff with dietary needs. If you have a specific nutrition concern or are allergic to any foods and need help in finding appropriate foods, please make an appointment with our Marketplace Manager, Kelly Brown, for individualized assistance. Students that have a specific food allergy or special dietary needs due to a medical condition, and would like assistance with meeting those needs, please contact the Student Health Center for an appointment.

Student Employment

Dining Services has implemented a student employment program that is available to all second, third and fourth-year students. Up to twenty students will be selected to fill key positions in dining services.