Sorority Dining

Washington and Lee's six sorority houses may now take advantage of the standard campus dining plans. Members living in the house are required to purchase the 15 Meal Plan with $225 Food Flex per semester. Members who do not live in the house are required to purchase the 5 Meal Plan with $225 Food Flex per semester. If a 20 Meal Plan is a better fit, you are welcome to trade up. Likewise if the 10 Meal Plan meets your needs more than does the 5 Meal Plan, you may also feel free to select the higher plan. New for 2015 - 2016, you may take your meals at the house, at the Marketplace, or exchange them in any of the on-campus retail locations. This new flexibility will ensure that you are able to get the most out of your meal plan.

Meal Plan Description and Contract

Live-in members who would rather have the 20 than the 15 will need to fill out the contract, as will a Live-out member who would like a larger plan than the 5. Or anyone who would like to add additional Flex Dollars to their account at this time, otherwise you will be automatically assigned to the appropriate plan based on your residency status.

Sorority dining offers a family style atmosphere and the staff in each house strives to accommodate menu requests, suggestions, and special dietary requirements. Snack items to supplement continental breakfast and paper products are provided 24/7 for house members.