Kenneth Lambert is the author of several college and high school computer science textbooks and lab software. His primary research interests are in software development, programming languages, and user interface design.

Simon Levy has research interests that include artificial intelligence, robotics, linguistics, and cognitive science. Professor Levy enjoys writing software libraries to support research in robotics and parallel computing.

Sara Sprenkle's research interests include software testing, distributed systems, and empirical studies. Her current research focuses on automated testing of Web applications, including cost-effective approaches to generating test cases and determining that the application is correct. She is also collaborating with several faculty on digital humanities projects.

Joshua Stough looks to create and improve image analysis tools for use in medical imaging applications, computer vision, and the natural sciences. While his research focuses on the automatic segmentation of anatomical structures in medical images (such as the prostate in CT, or subcortical structures in brain MRI), this work is highly interdisciplinary and has applications to a broad range of fields, including biology and physics.

Thomas Whaley has done research in program correctness, parallel algorithms for tree searching, and graph theory. His recent work has been on the ALSOS Digital Library for Nuclear Issues. This project has employed 21 computer science students using modern technologies for web-based database development.

Faculty Scholarship by Topic

  • Artificial Intelligence: Levy
  • Computer Science Education: Lambert, Sprenkle, Stough
  • Digital Humanities: Sprenkle
  • Distributed Systems: Sprenkle, Whaley
  • Empirical Studies: Sprenkle
  • Graphics: Stough
  • Image Processing: Stough
  • Natural Language Processing: Levy
  • Parallel Processing: Stough
  • Robotics: Levy
  • Software Engineering: Lambert, Sprenkle
  • Software Testing: Sprenkle