Required Courses Flow Chart for BS or BA

CSCI Required Courses Flowchart. CSCI 210 requires CSCI 111. CSCI 112 requires CSCI 111. CSCI 209 requires CSCI 112.  CSCI 211 requires Discrete Mathematics (Math 121 or 301). CSCI 312 requires CSCI 210 and Discrete Mathematics. CSCI 313 requires Discrete Mathematics. Discrete Math Two requires Discrete Mathematics.

  • BS and BA: Two courses (six credits) in CSCI are required from CSCI 315 through 341. Six additional credits (two courses) are required for all BS and BA candidates.
  • BS: CSCI 312, CSCI 313, MATH 222, and six additional credits in Mathematics from 200 level or above are required
  • BA: CSCI 312 or CSCI 313 is required. No additional Mathematics courses are required.