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Internship and Job Search

There are many jobs and internships available, but finding them can prove to be challenging and sometimes overwhelming. Career Development is here to help you, whether you are a first-year or a senior and whether you are searching for an internship, externship, research position, volunteer experience, summer job, or full-time work. 

As you begin to look for opportunities, you will likely rely heavily on online resources and networking. Career Development presents a number of beneficial resources, including access to public and private databases and opportunities to attend on- and off-campus interviewing days.

In addition to using these resources, consider going directly to company websites and sharing your interests and goals with individuals in your personal network, which consists of family and friends. Did you know that you have access to Colonnade Connections, W&L's online alumni network? Have you used the Get Connected: W&L Student and Alumni Career Network on LinkedIn? These are great networking tools, and many students have shared success stories which they found through a W&L alumnus.

Using a combination of databases, networking, and the assistance of Career Development should land an exciting position. Start looking at the resources, and drop by our office for help with your resume, your search, and preparing for interviews! If you have any questions about internships for credit policies, check out internship Q&As for students and faculty.