Graduate and Professional School

Considering Postgraduate Education

Graduate and professional school is a large investment that should require extensive consideration. Here are some questions to ask yourself when considering post graduate education:

  • Do you have a clear idea of the career you want to pursue? Is a graduate degree a requirement for your career? Will it make employment easier? 
  • Who wants you to go to graduate school? Is it your interests pushing for the advanced degree - or are you responding to "outside" pressure from faculty, parents, friends? 
  • Will the time and money you spend on graduate school repay you for money and experience you would earn if you took a job immediately after graduation?
  • If you put off graduate school for three years, are there things you will gain?
  • "Do not choose grad school because you think you will not find a job"

If you decide that graduate or professional school is right for you, the Career Development Center can help you get there. Find out what programs and entrance exams work best for you and how you can best pursue them. Also be sure to get strong recommendations, write a good personal statement, and consider how to finance school before you apply.