As valued members of the campus community, Career Development is always interested in connecting with alumni. Whether you are coming back as a speaker or linking you with a current student, we know our office and the entire University benefits from your involvement. As alumni, there are many ways to engage with the Career Development Center, including:

If you have any questions about how to get involved with your alma mater's Career Development, please do not hesitate to contact us at or (540) 458 - 8595.

Featured Alumni

Marquita headshot

General Wisdom: Marquita Robinson '10

Welcome to the first episode of General Wisdom, where we speak with W&L alumni about what they're doing, where they're living, and how they wound up there. We hope that through these...

M Hodges

Can You Have It All?

In one of dear Buford S. Stephenson's German classes, we read a great poem by Kurt Tucholsky:  "Das Ideal."  In its essence, the poem encapsulates his idea of a perfect life:...


Why Wait Around for the Job You Want?

I currently hold three different positions. Two utilize the journalism degree I earned at W&L. One is my career. How did I land all three jobs? I hustled. There's no reason to wait around for...